D-Rats -- A Communications Tool For D-STAR

At our last NFARES meeting at the Brandon Hall School, John Davis, WB4QDX presented a program on D/Star and D/Rats as a support tool for our emergency preparedness communications support. It was well received by the group that was in attendance.

During the next few weeks the North Fulton Amateur Radio Emergency Service net on 147.06 repeater we will begin training on D/Rats. You do not have to have a D/Star radio as we can do the training using just the repeater to supplement the training and the D/Rats program running on your home computer.

To be prepared for the first training session download the most current version of the D/Rats program at the D/rats web site http://www.d-rats.com/

The first training session will help you set up the program on your computer and show you how to connect to the group using a Ratflecter Internet portal connection. If you download the program you will, with guidance you will enable a port to access John Davis' Ratflector port and gain access to the Gwinnett ARES D/star/D/rats digital text and file exchange server. We will talk you thru this setup during the first training sessions. Or if you get the program installed I may have time to work with you individually to help with the initial setup.

Tom Koch - W4UOC
EC - North Fulton ARES