Joint ARES Net on Sunday January 18 2015

Please join us for a Joint ARES Net on Sunday January 18 2015 at 8pm local time.

The purpose of the net is to allow participants to work together in a joint exercise and to become familiar with the names, call signs and voices of hams in neighboring jurisdictions.

The net will rotate among three ARES repeaters. Each ARES group will host a net. All interested persons are encouraged to check into each of the three nets.

The Net Control Station for each ARES net will take check-ins. Please listen for the check-in criteria requested by Net Control. After a round of check-ins and some general announcements, the NCS will direct you to move to another repeater.

Part of the exercise is to determine your own ability to hit a repeater used by another ARES group. Even if you are unable to hit it, you will still likely be able to monitor it. Please monitor each of the three nets and move to the next one when directed by Net Control.

The first net will be called by DeKalb ARES beginning at 8p on Sunday Jan 18. The other nets will follow when participants are released from each net.

Here is the list of ARES repeaters being used for this exercise. Please program your radios in advance so you will be ready.

ARES Group Frequency Offset Tone
DeKalb ARES 145.450 - PL 107.2
North Fulton ARES 147.060 + PL 100.0
Atlanta ARES 146.820 - PL 146.2